Flared leather trousers for ladies

Flared ladies' trousers are a recurring fashion trend. A trouser cut in the hippie style of the 1960s and 1970s that looks particularly feminine and extremely elegant.

What is a pair of leather trousers with a flared cut?

To put it briefly: a very elegant, classic fit. Trousers with a high waist, a tight fit in the hip and thigh area and flared trouser legs are known as flared trousers. Back in the seventies, ladies wore these trousers with the special cut at every opportunity. And somehow they have always come back in a new form.

Flared ladies' leather trousers Flo

In Zinga Leather's collection you will find the classic Flo genuine leather trousers. This flared trouser model is cut like a normal pair of pocket jeans. It is available in the finest nappa leather as well as in velvety soft suede. The difference to the Amalia model is that the trouser legs are slightly wider from the knee. A pair of flared trousers with a slightly wider leg width. The Flo model is available in black, brown, blue, dark red and army green. Flo has a tight-fitting waistband with loops, 2 front and two back pockets and a zip. Like all trouser models from Zinga Leather, the Flo models are made from the best stretch smooth leather and stretch suede. The quality leather guarantees you a pleasant wearing comfort!

Who can wear flared leather trousers?

These flared trousers sit well on the thighs and accentuate the legs. The feminine silhouette flatters slim, tall women. Combined with tunics and long shirts, a flared is ideal for wearers with shorter legs. Over size shirts and long jumpers conceal problem areas.
Dark flared leather trousers without embossing, such as the Flo 6999 model, or appliqués, stretch the overall impression.

Fashion tips from Zinga Leather

A fit also makes the legs appear longer and should be worn with heeled shoes for an even more stretched effect. Sandals with platform soles or wedge heels will give you a boho chic look. Combine these women's flared trousers with pointed boots for a very stylish look.
Flared leather trousers look feminine and classy! We recommend them for the office day, but also as an elegant statement for going out. The Flo model with the bootcut fit (high waist), combined with a delicate silk blouse or a chic shirt, trendy jewellery and a feminine cut blazer is also suitable for everyday office wear.
Waist-cut ladies' blazers or waistband jackets go perfectly with these classic genuine leather trousers.

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