Boyfriend ladies' leather trousers

The exclusive women's leather trousers in boyfriend style are certainly no less stylish than pocket jeans! Zinga Leather offers five styles of loose-fitting designer trousers - Loose-Fit Pants - with barely-there hips and wider legs in smooth leather and suede: Noah, Rena, Evi and Demi.

Each boyfriend trouser model differs with regard to some fashion details such as trouser length, sewn-in galloon stripes and leather tie belts. The thigh width and trouser length are also variable. Depending on whether you want to make a sporty statement or are looking for a classy and comfortable outfit - the boyfriend trousers collection by Zinga Leather offers women the opportunity for perfect, occasion-related styling!

Boyfriend model EVI

The women's leather trousers Evi stand out very well due to the different coloured side stripes and appeal especially to young, sporty ladies.

Boyfriend model NOAH

An implied fly, double elasticated waist and ankle length are fashionable accents of these ladies' leather trousers.

Boyfriend model DEMI

For the elegant ladies we recommend the model Demi with 7/8 trouser leg length and a leather loop belt.

Boyfriend model RENA

Loose-fitting wide-leg trousers with slightly narrow legs - Rena combines feminine elegance and casualness.


Women's trouser cut between casual and elegant

Typical of a boyfriend: the waistband sits at the waist, slight pleats ensure a gentle fall over the hips. Deep slanted pockets are very comfortable and underline the relaxed style of the trouser model.
Combine these loose-fitting leather trousers with sneakers. A slightly higher sole guarantees a trendy look and stretches the silhouette. The Noah models have a suggested fly. The elastic waistband offers wearing comfort. Thanks to the even proportions, the women's boyfriend trousers fit every body shape.

Who does a pair of boyfriend leather trousers suit?

We recommend these loose-fitting women's leather trousers for women who have somewhat stronger legs or simply don't like tight leggings or tight skinny trousers. Boyfriend leather jeans look particularly good on tall, athletic women. Strong thighs are somewhat corrected by the cut of the trousers. However, petite women should wear boyfriend jeans with heeled shoes. The effect of the legs is advantageously stretched.

Boyfriend leather trousers in suede and smooth leather

The high-quality boyfriends by Zinga Leather are made of velvety soft suede and fine smooth leather. The quality leather falls very naturally, has a wonderful feel and adapts perfectly to the contours of the body. These two types of lambskin are laminated with cotton on the underside. The stretch content of the fabric offers wearing comfort at its best.

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