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Weekly Inspiration

It’s no secret that Parisian women have cornered the market on effortless chic.
One of their favorite pieces to accomplish this timeless look is the black leather pant.

Leather Pants in Paris

Elegant with a touch of rock, it exudes edgy feminism and combines easily with almost 
everything in your wardrobe. In fact, a good black leather pant doesn’t need much else. 
Just a simple white blouse will do the trick every time. Press it well for a clean look that 
will carry you from conference to cocktails. Going for the ultimate in understated? 

Black-on-black is never out of style. Mix the smooth luster of leather with a more rough texture, 
like a thick knit or wool coat. The contrast created is what makes black-on-black continuously
variable and surprising, and always casually chic. We at ZINGA adore the cashmere knits 
from Sminfinity. Their sweaters and cardis are the perfect combination of warmth, quality 
and softness.

#pictures by StuddedHeart@pinterest


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